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Taking in the scenic beauty of the state on horseback is an experience like no other, and some of the best views and equestrian trails Texas has to offer are in state parks. Bryan Frazier has details.

Horseback riding, and just viewing a state park from horseback is just becoming more and more popular, and so to accommodate our customers, we’re trying to put equestrian friendly, or equestrian accommodating camping in our parks.

And we do have several state parks that have equestrian facilities, from corrals and pens, to a simple hitching post where you can tie off your animal for the night right there in your campsite. And we have those for site that are developed for water and electricity, or we have them for tent camping.

So, as the equestrian camping and the equestrian experience in our state parks becomes more and more popular, I think people are going to see that they don’t just have to do it for the day trip. They can bring their horses to a state park and enjoy the camping experience. Particularly in Texas with the romance that we have with cowboys and horses and things.

When you can see a state park and the beauty and the grandeur and the scenery from the back of a horse, that’s a really unique experience, and something that’s popular for a very good reason in our state parks.

Thanks Bryan.

Find more state park information on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

That’s our show … For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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