Spring Break: Best Footwear for Hiking

Wearing sturdy shoes for a vigorous hike.

Wearing sturdy shoes for a vigorous hike.

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If your spring break includes hiking along trails, you’ll need something sturdier and safer than flip flops to protect and support your feet and ankles.

A light hiking shoe may suffice if trekking along a smooth, well maintained trail. They’re a more robust version of a running shoe, with good support and a flexible mid sole for comfort.

For more support, try hiking boots. These can be mid or high cut and take time to break in. Both the low and high cuts wrap around the ankle. Overall, wear this foot gear on day hikes when carrying light loads. If you commonly carry 40 pounds or more when hiking, a high cut boot will give you the best support.

The next boot in the lineup is the backpacking boot. They get two thumbs up when it comes to support and durability. They generally have a stiff mid sole and may be mid to high cut to help prevent ankle roll when carrying heavier loads.

The sturdiest boot on the market is the mountaineering boot. This is outdoor footwear at its toughest. They’re heavier boots made to help you carry heavier loads. They’re also able to accommodate crampons should you find yourself scuttling up a glacier.

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