Squirrel Hunting

This is Passport to Texas

If you want to introduce children to hunting, Public Hunting coordinator, Vickie Fite, says try squirrel.

11—That’s a great place to start with a first hunting experience. They’re a large number of squirrels available, it’s a inexpensive sport, it’s one of those kind that I started doing with my grandfather when I was nine years old.

You can hunt squirrel throughout the month of May. And although squirrel makes a good first hunting experience, Fite says they’ll keep you on your toes.

11—Squirrels are a lot of fun. You have to have a lot of patience; you have to be pretty smart. They can see really great. They’re a wily little competitor out there. They’ll give you a run for your money.

You can hunt on more than a million acres of public land for the cost of a $48 public hunting permit. Fite has a suggestion if you go squirrel hunting this spring.

10—If you look in the book there are a lot of our public hunting lands that also offer a fishing opportunity, either right there on the area or in close proximity. So throw in your fishing pole and take advantage of that, too.

If you harvest a squirrel and decided to eat it…

03—Well, it tastes a lot like chicken.

Learn more about hunting opportunities on public lands on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

The Wildlife Restoration Program supports our series… helping to fund the operations and management of more than 50 Texas wildlife management areas… For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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