State Park Improvements: DFW Area Parks

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Thanks to legislative appropriations over the past two biennia, folk living in or traveling to the DFW area will enjoy improved hookups. It’s not as naughty as it sounds. Our state park guide, Bryan Frazier, explains.

Cedar Hill SP is already one of our largest camping parks; it’s got more than 300 campsites. And so, we’re getting some hookup improvements at some of those bigger camping loops at Cedar Hill State park. And it sits right there on the Tarrant Dallas County Line. I mean, you can actually see part of the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium from parts of the park. That’s how in the urban area Cedar hill is.

And it gets a lot of visitation, a lot of people use it—and rightfully so. And so we’re going to be able to put several hundred thousand dollars toward improvements in that. They’re making it more ADA compliant. The camping looks…trails…it’s going to be a better experience there at Cedar Hill.

And then at Tyler SP…that’s a CCC park, built in the 30s, and some structures are going to get renovated, some camping loops are going to get some improvements, and it’s a popular park with people. It’s not that far I20 from the DFW area. It represents previous bienniums legislative money that voters approved and it’s now showing up on the ground that really will enhance the visitor experience.

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