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This is the time of year when everyone wants to be outdoors. And our state park guide Bryan Frasier says you can find out what opportunities await you at parks when you visit the online calendar of events.

52—One of the most visited parts of the state park website is the calendar of events. People simply want to know what can I do with my family once I get to the park. Yeah, we know where there’s great hiking trails, and the campsite are big with great scenery and great backdrops right along the lake or the river and the trees. But there’s a whole other list of things to do once you get to the park. And a lot of these are lead by park rangers and park staff or park volunteers or even master naturalists. And they range, everything from fishing programs with a park ranger, nature hikes, birding tours, and night walks through the park. And once we get into May an on into the summer, we have those just about every weekend in lots of parks. So, we encourage people to go to the calendar of events on the state parks website—that’s—and find out just what’s going on. You might be surprised.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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