State Parks: Fall Activities in Parks

Halloween at the Hatchery

Halloween at the Hatchery

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Time at state parks is made better with great programs. Our State park Guide Bryan Frasier says diverse opportunities await visitors to state parks this autumn.

59—Every fall we always do a series of events to embrace what’s happening with the changing of the seasons. We have everything from the spooky science fest at Estero Llano Grande SP down in the Rio Grande Valley. The superintendent down there does a great job with her staff doing crafts and things about wildlife and tying it into what’s happening with trick or treating. We have trick or treating events in our parks. We have fall festivals like the harvest festival at cedar hill state park, the night hikes – the nature walks at night — at Eisenhower State Park up on lake Texoma. We’ve got the haunted hike and fall festival at dinosaur valley state park. They have a national fossil day celebration in October…so, check the events calendar on state parks and see what’s happening for trick or treating; see what’s happening for fall festivals, and all the other things that happen this time of year. It’s a great time to see what’s happening in nature and a list of events we line up for fall is hard to beat.

Thanks Bryan

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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