State Parks: Golfing

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Some describe the game of golf as a “good walk spoiled.” But if you tee off in a state park, how bad could it really be? Our State park guide, Bryan Frazier says—not bad at all.

51—Golfing continues to be one of the more popular recreational activities and sports in the Unites States. And to have those options in our state parks system, what you’re doing is combining the best that people enjoy. And that is: beautiful scenery, and great outdoor recreation—and golf. And that’s golf carts, pro shops.

One is an 18 hole golf course that we have, at Bastrop State Park in Central Texas, and the other is a nine-hole golf course at Lockhart State Park, also in Central Texas. Very affordable green fees and cart rental. You can check it out online at But there’s just something about being in those big lost pines at Bastrop SP.

Or out in those rolling post oaks there in Lockhart SP. The golf is just better. It combines recreation that people are interested in anyway, in an environment that people love.

Thanks, Bryan.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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