State Parks: Spring Awakenings

This is Passport to Texas

It feels good to be outside in a state park again after the miserable heat and drought of this past summer and the chill and wet of winter. But as our state park guide, Bryan Frazier, tells us, we aren’t the only ones stirring this spring.

65—The animals and bugs and things that live in our parks all the time, this is their first time to get out and stretch their legs and see the sunshine and do all that. So we want to encourage people of some basic safety tips when they’re going outside to remember.

When you’re in and around water—thankfully we’ve gotten rain in a lot of places—just be aware when you’re in and around water, that a lot of these animals haven’t seen water in awhile either, and they’re anxious to get there.

Amphibians and things that like the water and the things that like to eat the amphibians—they might be in and around the water.

So just, again, take some precautions. And we always encourage people to hike and get out on the trails—to see the nature and explore. But remember, when possible, we try not to disturb our wildlife.

So, more than anything, a modest amount of practical sense and just respect for nature will keep everybody safe and [create] a happy, enjoyable outdoor experience for you and for the residence of the four-legged kind that live there all the time.

Thanks, Bryan.

That’s our show for today…with funding provided by Chevrolet, supporting outdoor recreation in Texas; because there’s life to be done.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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