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Passport to Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

The worst part about visiting a state park is leaving. Yet, if you make your last activity a shopping spree at the state park store before driving away, you’ll depart with more than memories.

Our park stores are mainly an extension of the park experience.

Tony Lucio oversees state park stores for Texas Parks and Wildlife. The park stores sell a wide variety of keepsakes and educational gifts that help to generate income for each location.

We want to provide our users, and our customers, a little something – whether it’s an educational product – or something that will help enhance the experience. And so, they can take home some sort of memory of the park to commemorate their experience visiting the state parks.

You’ll find a wide variety of mementos in the stores – many specific to the site you’re visiting — although some items rank high as visitor favorites.

Probably our number one and number two sellers in our park stores are our t-shirts and caps. Three and four would be our books. And then patches and magnets.

By the way, until December 31 when you purchase a state park pass or a gift certificate for a State Park Pass through our Austin reservation center, you will receive 2008 state park ornament free.

A state park pass makes a great gift for the state park enthusiast on your list.

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