Summer Fun in State Parks

This is Passport to Texas

Each week the Texas Parks and Wildlife PBS television series highlights a different state park or historic site, providing viewers with a glimpse of what to expect during a visit.

Series producer, Don Cash, talks about two state parks today—one that is popular with the masses and another that is popular with the locals.

It is summer and it is time to be camping. And the most popular place in Texas to go camping is, of course, Garner State Park.

Garner is its own little creature within itself. It’s unique compared to any other park.

Yeah, garner is very busy all summer long. Day use is very busy, and there’s obvious reasons. The Frio River is stunningly beautiful and cool and spring fed. They’ve got the dances that go all summer.

We may have 400 people ion that dance floor—it’s a pretty amazing sight.

Halfway between Abilene and Midland is Big Spring State Park. Big Spring SP is known for the fantastic view.

The view here is so beautiful. It looks like you’re really looking over the ocean. It’s the highlight of Big Springs, pretty much.

Big Spring is a day use park. If you happen to be tooling by on the highway, it’s worth your time to get off, go into Big Spring, go up to the park and see the view.

Thanks, Don.

Check your local listings.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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