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Public Hunting

Public Hunting


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Dove season is underway in the north and Central parts of the state, and if you’re looking for a place to hunt, Texas Parks and Wildlife TV series producer Don Cash says the PBS series can help.

55—One of the segments on the PBS show in September is about finding a place to hunt.

We want to see people go out, and have a place they can access inexpensively and take the kids hunting.

Texas Parks and Wildlife has partnered with private landowners around the state to lease land from these landowners for public hunting. So, it’s a great opportunity for very few dollars if you don’t own land or have a lease to go out and find a place close to you to go hunting.

I used to do a lot of hunting myself and everything, And it’s just a program that I think is well worth it for these people who don’t have an opportunity to go hunting anywhere.

When I started shooting this story, I found a father and daughter from Houston who had been on a hunt, and spent a couple of days with them – and they were just having a great time.

We spend a lot of good, quality time together. With dove hunting you can talk, you can walk around…you can share the time and the event. In dove hunting we can talk and eat and everything. It’s cool.

This story airs the week of September 9th through 15th on the PBS stations in Texas. This segment is on our YouTube channel, in case you want to watch it there.

Thanks, Don.

The Wildlife and sport fish restoration program supports our series and celebrates 75 years of funding diverse conservation projects throughout Texas…

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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