TPW TV: The Plant Guy, Jason Singhurst



This is Passport to Texas

Jason Singhurst is a man outstanding in his field. In fact, he stands in lots of fields…and prairies. He’s a botanist with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

04-That is a Blazing Star of Kansas Gayfeather.

Jason is responsible for creating and updating the rare plant community list for the Texas conservation action plan.

03-[The] gamma grass–they’re in flower right now.

Jason has published over 90 articles on the plants of Texas, and has produced the largest data set on native prairies in America. He also works closely with
volunteers, like Katie Emde with the Native Plant Society of Houston.

10-It’s such a treat to go out with Jason in the field, because he knows so much; he’s so eager to teach and share his knowledge. And, it’s so much fun when he gets excited about plants.

Jason Singhurst has added to herbariums in Texas, won awards, and co-authored a book on rare Texas plants. But what give him the most pride?

07-Well, I think the one thing I’m most proud of is discoveries. I’ve actually found species that have never been described and have been able to publish on them. It makes me very happy.

Get to know more about Jason Singhurst and his work next week on a segment of the Texas Parks and Wildlife PBS TV show. Check local listings.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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