Under the Texas Sky

The stars at night....

The stars at night….

This is Passport to Texas

The Passport to Texas radio series from Texas Parks and Wildlife tells stories about our state’s natural world in 90-seconds a day. It offers a taste of the outdoors, but if it leaves you wanting more—you’re not alone, and you’re in luck.

Later this month, TPW adds to its audio offerings when it debuts its new long-format podcast Under the Texas Sky. It’ll cover some of the usual topics, and some unusual ones as well. It’s hosted by yours truly.

In the first podcast you’ll meet Cassandra and Chris Neve [NEEVE], a twenty-something year old sister and brother from Austin. They’re out of practice when it comes to spending time outside. So, we’re hooking them up with outdoor enthusiasts and experts, and plan to follow them for a year as they keep audio diaries of their experiences.

Also in that podcast, I speak with an eco-therapist about the emotional benefits of time spent in nature, and how to overcome anxieties about spending time outdoors.

I also chat with a nutritionist about the best fuel for an active outdoor lifestyle. And, I check in with one of my colleagues who has her finger on the pulse of all things outdoors. She provides us with the resources we need to plan our next adventure.

Go to underthetexassky.org for details about the podcast, including where to stream or download it. You can also find out how you can be on it.

And remember: Life’s better outside… Under the Texas Sky. For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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