Upper Guadalupe Paddling Trail

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The Upper Guadalupe Paddling Trail is in Comal County and the put in is Nichol’s Crossings. It’s one of our most exciting paddling trails to date.

The Upper Guadalupe Paddling Trail, the latest addition to a growing number of navigable river trails in Texas, opens April 30. Texas Parks and Wildlife Rivers Specialist Ron Smith says the new trail offers a challenging paddling experience for the family.

We have a lot of paddling trails. For the most part those trails are very family oriented and we feel like this new one is going to be the most challenging for the skill level of the paddlers.

Smith adds paddlers will test their skill on the new trail while they experience pristine views.

I was very impressed with not only the skill level that you need to have to go around some of the turns and through some of the rapids, but just the pristine nature–and the beauty of the animals you see. And you never know what’s around the next bend. The rock formations, the beautiful cypress trees and the different elements really make it a unique paddling experience.

Find more on Texas paddling trails at passporttotexas.org.

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