Using Corn Feeders When Hunting Deer

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Texas deer hunters use corn feeders to draw animals into the open to get a clear shot. That’s because deer are alert and clever creatures that can elude even the best hunters.

Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist, Alan Cain, says in order to properly manage the estimated million white-tailed deer roaming our state, hunters have to be able to see them.

24—We live in a state where private lands dominate most of the hunting areas out there. So, it’s not like you have a national forest out west or in some of these big places in the east, where a hunter can get out there and just walk for miles. So, he’s relegated to whatever size property he’s hunting on. So, to make those deer visible, where he has an opportunity to harvest one, he has to do something to attract them out there to that area.

Deer are harder to see in some areas of than others.

18—Any hunter that’s spent time—especially in south Texas—it’s difficult. The brush is so thick; the only place you really have to see sometimes is down the senderos [trails] or roads that are running through the brush country. So that’s where feeders or feed routes [where they feed out of a truck or corn the roads] that keeps those deer visible out there.

Strategically placed feeders allow hunters to be more effective when managing deer populations.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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