Why Parks Benefit People

Walt Dabney takes a stroll on his mountain bike.

Walt Dabney takes a stroll on his mountain bike.

This is passport to Texas

From 1999 until his retirement in 2010, Walt Dabney served as Texas State Park Director, leaving behind an improved state park system that observers say ranks among the nation’s best and most innovative.

Walt lives in Moab Utah now, but visited Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recently. He told me that he will forever have a soft spot for the parks and people he left behind.

As to why we need parks, Walt says they’re places where we can protect our natural resources, while at the same time benefitting the well-being of the citizens of Texas.

Well, people want to recreate. I mean they want places to go be outside, to enjoy a variety of different activities. Whether it’s fishing or camping or hiking or biking or boating of some kind. In a place like Texas, other than the parks, if you don’t own a ranch, or have access to one you have no place to go do any of that. And I think a lot of those people understand that there’s more to life that just sitting int eh house or walking down the sidewalk. So parks provide a place for people to go do those fun kind of outdoor things which are good for them both mentally as well as physically.

Texas state parks are for everyone. Find a park near you when you visit texasstateparks.org.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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