Wildlife/Angling: Fish Genetics

A.E. Wood Fish Hatchery

A.E. Wood Fish Hatchery

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04—It’s definitely high tech, cutting edge…we’re really happy to have it.

Lorraine Fries is talking about a DNA Analyzer – a high tech piece of equipment used at the A.E. Wood laboratory in San Marcos. Ms. Fries was the site’s lab director before retiring. Researchers use the analyzer to “fingerprint” hatchery raised fish.

14—We also can use the DNA analyzer for selective breeding programs. We can identify markers associated with traits that we’re interested in and breed for those. We can use it to evaluate stocking success because we can tell what fish we stock.

They do that by simply analyzing a small piece of tissue from the animal.

10—One of the other really great things about DNA is that it’s in all tissues.

Which means by taking a very small piece of fin, for example, researchers obtain as much DNA as needed. Before the analyzer, Fries says they performed liver biopsies on the fish.

04—Which is okay, but the fish don’t like it too well. (laughter)

Understanding fish genetics allows fisheries biologists to improve fisheries.

The Sport Fish Restoration Program supports our series and funds fishery operations in Texas. For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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