Winter Wildlife Viewing

This is Passport to Texas

Nobody faults you for wanting to be indoors when it’s cold outside. However, if you bundle up and brave winter’s chill, you could be in for a wild(life) surprise, as our State Park Guide, Bryan Frazier, explains.

50—Wildlife are a lot like us; they don’t like to move around a lot when it’s really cold. During the colder weather and months, you can regularly pattern their behavior a little bit better because they still do have to move around to find food and water and shelter. So, what you can do is, when it’s cold, you can set up strategic places—and if you’re patient—you can get a very predictable pattern of where to view wildlife. If you set up near a food source, or near the edge of tree lines—critters like edge. So, if you can be patient with that, a lot of times you can get glimpses and close ups and great photographs that you can get this time of year that you can’t get other times of year. In addition to that, this time of year, we have residents here—migratory birds, birds of prey—that aren’t here any other time. So, this is your only shot of getting a photograph, or a good view of some of those creatures that call Texas home for only part of the year.

Find downloadable maps of Texas Wildlife Trails on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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