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Outdoor Couples

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Passport to Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

In a society that seems driven by money, technology, and material objects, a Valentine’s Day spent reconnecting with the one you love, in a natural setting, can put everything into perspective.

If a long road trip or camp out at a state park isn’t in the cards this year, consider a cozy confab in your own backyard. Weather permitting, instead of eating dinner inside, spread a big comfortable blanket on the lawn and enjoy dining alfresco. If you are feeling adventurous, pitch a tent under the stars and sleep outdoors—and see what the neighbors say the next morning.

If you’re able to get away, how about packing your bags, throwing away the itinerary, and hitting the road with the one you love for an extended weekend. Don’t hurry and don’t worry where you’re going. Remember—it’s all about the journey. Stop along the side of the road when the spirit moves you, and appreciate the Texas landscape and the wildlife that may cross your path.

If you’re not comfortable going with the flow, and feel a little more structure is in order, consider reserving a campsite at a nearby state park and explore what nature has to offer. As the sun begins to set and stars light the night sky, build a fire and warm yourselves while contemplating how life, and love, really is better outside.

That’s our show…with research and writing help from Alanna Jones… For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.