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Texas Outdoor Women’s Network

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

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After whetting their appetite for the outdoors during a Becoming an Outdoors Woman Workshop, many women seek outdoors opportunities closer to home. The Texas Outdoor Women’s Network, or T.O.W.N., provides an outlet for nature loving women to connect.

It has increased my knowledge, my confidence and my friends.

Susan LaMere, coordinator of the Fort Worth Chapter of T.O.W.N, says women benefit when they find friends who share interest in the outdoors.

I’m a personal trainer, so in my opinion, being active period is a benefit and I think that lot of people don’t want to exercise by themselves. They may not go out and ride their bikes but they may go out with other people. One in particular, she’s 60 years old and she did not know how to ride a bike two years ago. One of the other women in the group taught her how to ride the bike and now, you know, she just loves it.

LaMere believes T.O.W.N. allows women to try new things while making close connections.

It’s a ready made group of people who are going to accept you for who you are, you know, whatever you want to do. I say over the past few years, some of these people have become very close friends of mine.

LaMere says that the group is open to any woman interested in learning.

We just want to expose people to the outdoors.

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