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Texas Outdoor Story–Nan Crouch

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Passport to Texas Outdoor Stories from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Nan Crouch and her sister Jan Wigginton of Brady, are avid outdoorswomen and hunt together whenever they can. Nan shared a “dirty” story with us about the rainy day she bagged a big buck on family property in Rochelle.

So, in order to get it out, we had to go back to the cabin and call my husband to come clean it for me. On the way back, we were excited and not paying attention, and we ran through this low place in the road and we got stuck [in the mud] up to the axels on the three-wheeler.

So, we got off and we walked to the cabin and we got Jan’s red Toyota pickup, she hooked me up and pulled out, [SFX vehicle stuck in mud] but what we didn’t think about was the mud slinging all over me. All you could see was the whites of my eyes, and I looked like someone with dreadlocks, but it was mud.

So, we laughed all the way back to the barn. We got to the barn and had to bathe in the water trough because I didn’t want my husband to know that we made such deep ruts in the road—not thinking when he got down there to go get the deer that he would see the ruts.

But, anyway, he came down and went over and got the buck, got him cleaned, got him back to town. It was quite an experience and it was fun. (giggles) You know, we never have a camera when we do stuff like this, because we’re always doing something kind of dumb.

Nan listens to our show on KNEL in Brady. She also won the grand prize in our Texas Outdoor Story promotion this summer. Learn more at

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