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TPW TV Fall Preview

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Passport to Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Parks and Wildlife Television begins a new season this month. Production Supervisor, Don Cash.

One of the really nice things about our show, it it’s not a news show—you don’t have to get everything in, in a minute or a minute and fifteen seconds. We have the time on the show to really get into a topic. We have anywhere from eight, nine, ten minutes, so you really get a good feel for the topic and the people that we’re featuring. So that’s something that’s really unique to this show.

We got a lot of really interesting stuff coming up this year. We’ve got a story on Houston Toads, we go cat fishing. I spent five days at Garner State Park over the Fourth of July weekend, doing a feature on the busiest weekend at the busiest park, and just had a great time and met some really, really wonderful people.

We’ve got an entire show in the middle of the season dedicated to the reefing of the Texas Clipper. A lot of people are familiar with that. And, we’re going to go back and do some dives on the clipper, a year after it was sunk, and see how it’s changed in a year, and also look at the economic impact the reefing of the Texas Clipper has on the South Padre area.

We’ve got a new series, Take Me Fishing, and it’s geared a lot, really, to kids, and to parents to help kids get started.

So, it’s a new season, we’ve got a lot of new stuff coming up, and I hope people will watch the show.

Thanks Don. Find a list of stations that air the series, at

That’s our show …For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.