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TPW TV–Lidar and Big Lizards

Monday, March 1st, 2010

This is Passport to Texas

This month the Texas Parks and Wildlife television series plumbs the depths of Devil’s Sink Hole with high tech imaging…and also explores living arrangements between humans and alligators in Texas. Series Producer, Don Cash.

We’ve got some pretty interesting stories. In the middle of the month, we’ve got a story called New Wave Cave. And this is about a group from the University of Texas doing Lidar mapping, or laser mapping, of the Devil’s Sinkhole down at the Devil’s Sinkhole State Natural Area.

So, the objective of what we’re doing is we’re shooting a laser model to recreate the space digitally, where we can show people what its like to be at the bottom of this hole without having to drop down a hundred and fifty feet on a piece of rope.

A little later in march, we’re going to look at the American Alligator in Texas. Thirty years ago, the American alligator was on the endangered species list, and today the range is expanding. And that means that occasionally there’s going to be contact with humans.

The homeowners need to understand that they’re in alligator habitat. They just need to understand that if the alligator’s in his habitat—he won’t bother them if they don’t bother him.

So, in March we’ve got the usual wonderful array of stories: caves, alligators—you name it, we’ve got it. You should really watch.

Find information about the television Series on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

That’s our show… For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.