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Managing Giant Salvinia

Friday, April 9th, 2010

This is Passport to Texas

Giant Salvinia is a fast growing exotic aquatic plant from South America that’s thriving in Texas waters, killing off native plants and fish.

:11—Everybody’s always looking for possible outlets for some what that we can actually make it work for us instead of against us. But, we just haven’t been able to find any redeeming qualities behind giant Salvinia.

Howard Elder is an aquatic habitat biologist. The agency uses an integrated pest management approach to dealing with Giant Salvinia.

:18—Since it is a floating plant, and it grows so quickly, the winds can push it wherever it chooses. And that is one of the biggest problems that we have—locating the infestations and being able to treat them.

Elder says they can only conduct herbicide operations in the warmer months when the plant is growing. Using Giant Salvinia weevils that eat the plant look promising. But the best defense against its spread is educating anglers and boaters.

:13—Concerned anglers and boaters on infected waters should carefully inspect and clean their boat, trailers, jet skis and any other personal watercraft of all aquatic vegetation before leaving the launch area. Because that is how it gets spread around.

Visit to learn more about Giant Salvinia and other invasive species changing TX Lakes.

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