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Celebration at Fort Leaton State Historic Site

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

This is Passport to Texas

If you’re ready for a long road trip, head west—and then go south…and then south some more…until you reach Presidio, Texas, where you’ll be treated to a celebration at Ft. Leaton State Historic Site. Bryan Frazier, our state park guide, joins us with details.

This time of year in Texas, for the most part, the weather is really mild and so we do a lot of events. And this one is really unique. We’re marking the hundredth anniversary of the modern Mexican independence day.

And there at Presidio, at Ft. Leaton State Historic Site, which has a real unique culture and history all its own…and they’re going to do a day long celebration with the reenactors being the riders of this revolution…And poncho Villa, and the way the way that whole thing took shape, and how the army came and took Chihuahua City, and they’re going to really do a daylong tribute to the Mexican Independence.

It’s really a colorful time, and that park really does a great job down there every year there in Presidio.

Thanks Bryan,

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