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Birds of Prey

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

This is Passport to Texas

Eagles and hawks are raptors—birds of prey; and these amazing creatures hunt primarily using their long, sharp talons.

05—Raptors are the birds that are living just almost the same level as we are.

John Karger is Executive Director of Last Chance Forever Bird of Prey Conservancy. He rehabilitates injured and orphaned birds and—when feasible—releases them back into the wild, where they play an important role.

13—The raptors are prime indicators. When they get sick, we’re going to be sick. Thus in the 1960s we realized that we put a lot of chemicals on the earth. We knew that we did that because the birds were disappearing.

Karger travels around Texas with his raptors to demonstrate their prowess, and more importantly, to encourage in everyone a sense of stewardship.

18—If could get them to do one thing – just take a moment – realize how incredible nature is, and that it can really give you a sense of awe…a sense of incredible. What I really want people to do it to come to the Expo and realize that the whole outdoor world is there, and it is ours for just enjoying tremendously if we just take care of it.

Find links to information about raptors and the Last Chance Forever Bird of Prey Conservancy at

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