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Cleburne State Park

Monday, December 6th, 2010

This is Passport to Texas

Cleburne State Park has an image problem—people don’t know it’s there. Yet it has so much to offer outdoor enthusiasts. Bryan Frazier, our SP guide, says whether you hike, bike, camp, or fish—you can enjoy all these activities at Cleburne SP.

It may get overlooked by some people, but its just down HWY 67 from the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area. And I’ll say—it just might have as good, and maybe the best—trails that we have in our park system. They’re wide. They’re great for bikers and for those who just want to hike, And you can take a leisurely hike, or you can take a pretty intense walk through incredible scenery. You’re up almost in the North Texas Hill Country area. You’ve still got limestone outcroppings in here; you’ve got a nice lake that’s about 130 acres, so it’s good fishing. You’ve got great camping with full hook-ups: water, electric and sewer. And also at Cleburne, we’ve got some real interesting developments going on to make that park better. We’ve had brand new group bunk houses that hold up to 44 people. Total renovations of the dining hall that can be rented. And a new store and bathhouse are being built right on the lake, and a new beach access area right on the lake. So some real nice improvements to use those tax dollars and to use those voter approved, and legislative appropriated monies from past bienniums, that it shows up on the ground in ways that when people get to the park they can see that their park experience is going to be better.

Thanks Bryan.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.