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State Parks: Lake Whitney State Park

Monday, December 13th, 2010

This is Passport to Texas

Did someone say camping? Camping just got better at Lake Whitney State park…but it isn’t the only thing that’s great there… as our State park Guide Bryan Frazier explains.

54—Lake Whitney SP made the news recently because of some improved camping that we have there. We have more than 40 full hookup campsites, with water, electricity and sewage. It’s great for RVers who want to come through there, and it’s the only park on the lake with full hookup capacity. And the lake is 23-thousand surface acres. So, it’s well-known for its bass fishing; it’s a great smallmouth bass lake, and white bass, and striped bass, and so it’s a fisherman’s destination. But, a lot of other things going on there with the hiking trails that we have, and the camping. The scenery that we have in that North Texas area is just beautiful. And the lake is incredibly deep, which makes for biodiversity in fish populations there. Birding is fantastic at Lake Whitney Sp. And those improvements have Really been in the works for several years on our camping oops, and I think people will really be delighted to see what’s going on at Lake Whitney.

Thanks Bryan.

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