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Spring Break Along the Mid Coast

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

This is Passport to Texas

March is traditionally the month when students—from elementary school on up—have spring break. The coast is a popular destination for spring breakers, and our State Park guide, Bryan Frazier suggests they consider meeting in the middle.

40—I want to look at the middle coast of Texas, which is a traditional spring break spot. You have Goose Island State Park, and Mustang Island State Park. And, Mustang Island, over by Aransas Pass has five miles of beach…you can do beach camping and tent camping on the beach, you can do RV camping. And the water is great with the big surf waves and bird—it’s just fantastic. Goose Island is more bay front, but you’ve got campsites all along the bay; you can fish from your campsite and the picnic shelter’s there. It’s a great destination for spring break. You’re not far from Corpus Christi on either Goose island or Mustang Island, so there’s lots to do. And, it’s easy access. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Thanks, Bryan.

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