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Spring Break: Inks Lake and Cedar Hill State Parks

Monday, March 14th, 2011

This is Passport to Texas

Most of us think about going to the beach on spring break—but going coastal isn’t your only option for water-focused fun. Our State Park guide, Bryan Frazier says Inks Lake SP and Cedar Hill SP, have it all—except the seagulls.

People love to go to Inks Lake—it continues to be one of our most popular parks. And for spring break, people are ready to get to those limestone and granite cliffs. And the fishing is good, and the hiking is great. And it’s just near Burnet, Texas, if you’re familiar with the Hill Country. So, it’s easy to get to, and people flock there, and for good reason—for spring break—for their canoeing, and kayaking, and water fun with their family or friends or picnics. Inks Lake is hard to beat.

Cedar Hill, too, is a fantastic place. It’s up near the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. It’s on the banks of Joe Pool reservoir; its got more than 300 campsites, it’s got great bike trails—maybe some of the best in the state—and it’s close to where so many people live. It’s in Dallas County. You can literally see downtown Dallas and the Arlington Dallas Cowboy stadium from the park. So you’re right in the middle of it all, but can get away from it all at Cedar Hill State Park.

Thanks, Bryan.

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