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Donating Your Lunker

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

This is Passport to Texas

Anglers who reel in a largemouth bass weighing 13-pounds or more have until April 30 to donate their catch to the ShareLunker program. Fish accepted into the program spawn the next generation of big bass.

To donate a fish, David Campbell says to handle it as little as possible, then…

09—Get a weight on it. If you have a set of scales that you feel like are close enough that you can actually say it’s a good enough weight to call us, weigh it and let us know.

David Campbell coordinates the ShareLunker program, and explains what to do if you think you have one, and want to donate it to the program.

31—We would like to have these fish in our possession in less than 12 hours. I realize sometimes if you’re on the other side of the state of Texas is may take me a few hours to get there. If you have to go somewhere and have that fish weighed, leave it in the water in aerated live well or whatever it is, try not to dry the fish off. If that fish weighs 13-pounds on a set of certified scales—whether it’s for business or whatever it is—give us a call as quick as possible. And we dispatch a vehicle; and take care of it until we get there. That’s the main thing.

Find the phone numbers to call to donate your lunker at

The Sport Fish Restoration Program supports our series and provides funding for the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti

To request pickup of a ShareLunker (largemouth bass 13 pounds or over, legally caught in Texas waters between October 1 and April 30), call (903) 681-0550 or page 1 (888) 784-0600 and leave a number, including area code.