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State Parks: Safe Camping in Spring

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

This is Passport to Texas

Spring is here, wildflowers are blooming, and you are ready to spend some serious time outside—and we encourage you to do so as often possible. Before you head out the door, our State Park Guide, Bryan Frazier offers the following advice:

61—A little bit of precaution might be in order, because you’re not the only residents of Texas who are anxious to get out and around. And even though we don’t have a large population of bears in Texas that would hibernate, we do have things like snakes that will be moving around for the first time in along, long, time as well—so keep that in mind. Basically, that translates into some common sense safety. When you pitch your tent—look around—see if there’s any debris. If there is, move it and move it carefully so you’re not exposing yourself [to problems] when you lift up big rocks or big logs or things like that. Same thing on the trail. Exercise some caution. Clean up your campsite. Don’t leave food scraps around. Don’t leave piles of laundry [lying around] or your tent open, and allow these things to get in there. Because they’re going to look for places for cover for when it gets maybe a little cooler at night. So use some basic campground safety, hiking safety so that those other critters that are out in the woods for the first time now, can know you’re

Thanks, Bryan.

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