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State Parks: Eisenhower State Park

Monday, September 12th, 2011


This is Passport to Texas

Eisenhower State Park, on the shores of Lake Texoma, is a mid-sized park that offers BIG recreational opportunities, as our SP guide Bryan Frazier explains.

It sits right on the shores of 75-thousand acre Lake Texoma. It’s way up by Denison Texas, just south of the Oklahoma border.

The park is scenic: it’s got oak trees, ash, cottonwoods. It’s got great hiking and biking trails. It’s also the only park in Texas that has an off highway vehicle ATV park in it. Lake Texoma is becoming a fantastic fishery. Not just for striped bass, but now also for small mouth bass. And there’s not a lot of places in Texas where you can catch them, but Lake Texoma is becoming, perhaps, the trophy small mouth lake in Texas.

And the state park is a great place to access that lake, and there’s water recreation there. It’s also unique because there’s a marina and a store there inside the state park—and it has even has a yacht club. But for fishing and recreation and scenery and an escape from the Dallas Fort Worth area, Eisenhower SP is as good as you’re going to find.

Thanks, Bryan!

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