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TPW TV: Mountain Biking Big Bend Ranch

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

This is Passport to Texas

When the weather cools, and you’re ready to engage the outdoors again, strike out on two wheels. Get a taste of a mountain biking adventure on the TPW TV show. Producer, Alan Fisher.

Mountain biking is gaining popularity at Big bend Ranch vast state park.

Big Bend Ranch State Park is the biggest State Park that we have in the state of Texas—310 thousand acres and about 388 miles of road, trail, route.

So, are you following a couple of people on bike?

We followed a group of people who went on hundred mile ride over four days. They had quite an experience.

It is challenging in places. It’s smooth in places. *This is awesome!* What I love about Big Bend Ranch is it has a little bit of everything.

If you’re doing a multi-day ride out there, you really need to have somebody helping you carry some gear. There are also day rides that are options with interesting routes that you can bike.

Who’s your sag support when you’re out there?

Well, there were just hours and hours of jouncing around in a vehicle. It is a difficult place to get around, and that’s another great thing about seeing Big Bend Ranch State Park on a bicycle—there are areas you can access that you really can’t take a car, so it’s really a neat way to explore the park.

Thanks, Alan!

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.