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Cooking: Afield with Chef Jesse Griffiths

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Chef Jesse Griffiths

Chef Jesse Griffiths, Photo by Cecilia Nasti

This is Passport to Texas

We have a culture of hunting game, but when it comes to eating it, many people pass. It’s too gamey, most say. Chef Jesse Griffiths is a hunter and angler, and eats everything he kills. He says game has a rich, unique flavor that’s perfectly palatable when properly prepared.

He chronicled a year of hunting, fishing and cooking in Afield: a Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish, published this month by Welcome Books.

24 – We just tried to present this book that was a guide to getting more out of fish and game for people. We wanted it to be a field manual, a recipe guide. And we put step-by-step photos and descriptions of how to break everything down from a crab to a deer. Just to teach people who are new to it, or maybe even more experienced with it how to utilize these animals more.

I spoke with Jesse in his Austin based commercial kitchen, where he told me the recipes in Afield are simple and recognizable.

18—There’s a lot of tacos in there, and there’s a lot of things like pot pies. Squirrel and dumplings. Things like that. very accessible. I just wanted people to see food that was recognizable and translate that into game, and then that way encourage people to get out there and have the confidence to get out there and have the confidence to do this themselves.

We’ll have more with Chef Jesse Griffiths tomorrow.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.