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Hunting: Hunters for the Hungry, 1

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012
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Texas Hunters for the Hungry

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This year as you plan your deer hunt, perhaps you’ll consider donating an animal to Hunters for the Hungry.

08—Hunters for the hungry is a statewide venison donation program that allows hunters to donate their extra venison.

Charitable food assistance providers receive the donated venison as two pound packages of ground meat. Anitra Hendricks oversees the program.

16—For the 2011-2012 season, a hundred and fifty three thousand eighty two pounds was reported by our meat processors. And that was 100 participating meat processors last season. So [that comes to] just a little over 600-thusand quarter pound servings.

The average trimmed weight of a donated deer is about 40 pounds of usable meat. By that account, Texas hunters donated just over 38-hundred animals. Their generosity fed children, elderly, and families in need.

11— So, what we have heard, first hand, from the agencies is that in many cases, the venison that they receive through Hunters for the Hungry, is the only meat –fresh meat—that they may receive on a limited basis.

We’ll have more about Hunters for the hungry and how to donate to the program on tomorrow’s show. Until then, visit for additional information.

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Interactive map of participating MEAT PROCESSORS for 2012-2013.