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Wildlife: Why Spiders Come Indoors

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Michael Warriner holding his pet tarantula, Photo by Cecilia Nasti

Michael Warriner holding his pet tarantula, Photo by Cecilia Nasti

This is Passport to Texas

As we near Halloween, we’re seeing more spider-themed decorations, because spiders can, after all, seem scary. But invertebrate biologist, Michael Warriner, says these arachnids are beneficial in the ecosystem.

11—Spiders are natural pest control agents. So, they’re eating lots of other things, and helping to control the populations of insects that can be pests [to humans].

Still, nobody wants spiders in their homes. Nevertheless, if you find them indoors…

06—They feed on other arthropods – things like roaches, beetles… They need a prey source.

A spider in your house is helping to keep pest populations down. Michael Warriner says spiders will come into the home for another reason as well.

26—They’ll wander into housed – especially during mating season. Male spiders will leave where they were living and they just wander. And they’re searching for females. And that’s what happens with a lot of people, they’ll see spiders in their house during particular times of the year. And it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an unkempt house, and you have lots of vermin. It just means that it’s spider mating season, and these spiders are out wandering around looking for mates.

What would you rather have in your home – a hungry spider or an amorous spider?

[SFX—oh, my darling…I love you]

Hmmm…Tough call.

Until next time…For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.