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TPW TV: New Season 2012-13

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Women Waterfowler Workshop

Women Waterfowler Workshop

This is Passport to Texas

More of what you love about the Texas outdoors is coming to a television near you during the new season of the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s TV series. Series Producer, Don Cash.

64—On October 21st the Texas Parks and Wildlife television series begins its 27th season. It’s been airing on the PBS stations in Texas and now we’ve got about 35 city channels we’re on as well. Like every season, we’re going to cover everything there is to cover in the state of Texas. We start out the season with a story using lasers to remove graffiti at Hueco tanks, and we end the season fishing for alligator gar. And in between, we profile a group of women going goose hunting of the first time. We meet an artificial reef biologist who spends a good portion of his career underwater; we’ll take a look at the feral hog problem and what people are doing about it. New this year is our wild game cooking segment with Jesse Griffiths. We’re going to cook venison, teal, hog, redfish…it’s a great segment for people who want to know what to do with that animal once they’ve gone out there and harvested it. So, I hope people will watch the show, find out some new things to do and some new places to go, and get out here and take advantage of it.

Thanks Don.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife I’m Cecilia Nasti.