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State Parks: Christmas Ornament

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Texas State Parks Christmas Ornaments 2012

Texas State Parks Christmas Ornaments 2012

This is Passport to Texas

Each December, Texas Parks and Wildlife makes available a delicate laser cut, gold-plated collectible Christmas ornament that celebrates the state’s parks and historic sites. Our state park guide, Bryan Frazier, talks about this year’s offering.

53— Well, this year. We’ve got three. And you can purchase them individually, or you can purchase them as a set. And they’re unique, because this year they’re carved out of wood. They’re usually a nice brass little trinket, and this year, the shape is similar but they’re laser carved with amazing detail of Lighthouse Rock from Palo Duro Canyon, and one of the Caddo Lake cabins, and the San Jacinto Monument, so they’re really some of our flagship parks and historic sites. And it’s a new look with them carved out of wood. And so, maybe people who’ve ordered them in the past and didn’t want one that looked similar – this is the year to order them. And you can only get them through the customer service center by calling 512.389.8900. And there are small shipping costs to go along with that, but check that out at You can find out all about it, see the images; I think this is one you’re going to want to get.

Thanks, Bryan.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.