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State Parks: Hammock Camping

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Image from Hammock Forums, Saab Zombee

Image from Hammock Forums, Saab Zombee

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For some, the biggest barrier to overnight camping is sleeping on the ground. What if I told you there’s a new kind of camping allows you to sleep suspended over it instead? Our state park Guide Bryan Frazier has details on hammock camping.

51— I’m a little new to that, and had never really heard much about it. At Fairfield Lake SP recently, they had the fourth annual hammock camping event there – the Texas Society of Hammock Campers – and it’s really something that’s caught on with lots of people. It’s very stewardship driven; there’s extra care taken with nylon straps so that the hammock does not damage the trees. There’s minimal to no damage on ground resources and so the footprint is much, much smaller, and you’re camping suspended in a hammock with a tarp cover. There’s a whole group that’s doing it; you can find out more at It explains all about it…gives the details of it…talks about some of the events and how you can get involved. It’s an interesting way and a new way to enjoy parks all over. But here in Texas, it’s a growing trend and I think something that’s going to catch on even more.

Thanks, Bryan.

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