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TPW TV: K-9 Game Wardens

Friday, December 13th, 2013

Game Wardens and their K9 Partners

Game Wardens and their K9 Partners

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Texas game wardens are a hardworking group, but this fall, five of them went to the dogs. John Thorne.

11— Parks and Wildlife law enforcement division is starting a new canine program. We looked all over the country for the best training, and we came to Utah for the Utah post training academy.

Thorne was among the officers who traveled to Utah earlier this year for an eight-week intensive training program with the dogs. Texas Parks and Wildlife TV producer, Alan Fisher was there to document their progress.

21—These wardens made a real sacrifice. They were away from their families for eight weeks of this training; the training days were long and intense. But you could tell that they really wanted to
have this tool available to them; they really loved dogs and enjoyed working with them. To me that really said a lot right there. These are dedicated people and they’ll have some very dedicated
companions with them.

Wardens learned to work with and guide the golden labs that became their partners.

15—These dogs really do become canine partners with their wardens. They’ll be spending their entire lives with them from working every day in the field, as well as retiring with the wardens as their pets when their careers are finished.

The K-9 Wardens segment airs on the Texas Parks and Wildlife TV Series on PBS stations, the week of December 15.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.