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Hunting | Tech: New Online Drawn Hunts System

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Drawn Hunts Online

A variety of hunting opportunities are available through the drawn hunts system online.

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The Drawn Hunts system (on public and private land) is online only now and streamlines the application process. Adult application fees are $3 per adult, except Private Lands and Guided Hunt categories, which are $10.

16—Our applications are not all at one time; they’re actually distributed through the month of August into January. We have regular gun/deer in September, and feral hog and exotics…and some of the later hunts for feral hog and spring turkey will actually go into December and January.

Kelly Edmiston, public hunting coordinator, says there are more hunts available than in years past, and selection notification will be faster than ever.

20— We will probably be able to draw one to three business days after a deadline because we’re not having to rely on data and mail and late arriving applications. Before you had to get it here by 5 o’clock the day of the deadline. Now, because it’s online, you’ll basically have until that last day – probably up until 11:59 [p.m.]—to be able to submit an application.

Preference points of the past are loyalty points today.

22— You can now apply more than once within a category. Your loyalty points will still apply to each application you submit in that category equally. So, if you have five preference points for a gun/deer either sex category, and you submit three gun/deer either sex applications, each at a different area, you’re going to get five points on each of your three.

Access the online drawn hunt system from the hunting section on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.