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TPW TV: Kickapoo Cavern

Friday, September 19th, 2014
Inside Kickapoo Cavern

Inside Kickapoo Cavern

This is Passport to Texas

At Kickapoo Cavern State Park near Bracketville … nature is almost untouched, the way it used to be.

06— It’s a great place to just get away from it all. You can unplug from all the distractions of the city, and just get back in touch
with nature.

Mark Garrett, is a ranger at the park, which offers visitors 64-hundred acres of birding, hiking, and mountain biking. That’s just what’s above ground. Below, in the cavern, ranger Steve Blair says there’s even more to explore, and regularly takes park visitors down under.

17—You’ve got twin columns; the column on your right is the largest column in the state of Texas. It’s eighty feet high, which is a little over 8 stories. You can see the different colored drapery off of it – all the jellyfish looking stuff – I see Mother nature at its best.

From the depths of Stuart Bat Cave at Kickapoo Cavern State Park, Mexican Free tail bats emerge nightly throughout summer to the delight of visitors.

10— The bat flights are pretty spectacular. There are 500-thousand bats here at the cave. It takes approximately an hour and a half for all the bats to get out of the cave.

Ranger Mark Garrett says park staff works hard to keep the site as natural as possible so we can all…

03— Enjoy a part of Texas a lot of people have never seen.

View a segment about Kickapoo Cavern SP this week on the Texas Parks and Wildlife PBS TV series. Check your local listings.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.