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Fishing: Freshwater Fishing for 2015

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015


Larry Hodge with his freshwater catch.

Larry Hodge with his freshwater catch.

This is Passport to Texas

As the weather warms, seasoned and wannabe anglers yearn to get on the water in the New Year.

18— Overall, the prospects for fishing are good; they’re not going to be great because parts of the state are still in a drought. But, East Texas and North and Central Texas have fared fairly well in the current drought, and most of the lakes still have access and the fish are still there.

Larry Hodge is with Inland Fisheries. He says white bass are especially active this time of year.

19— Most of the reservoirs in East Texas, particularly Toledo Bend, will have a good white bass run up the Sabine River. Those fish are legendary for their size and numbers. Some of the lakes in East Texas also have good white bass fishing. The Neches River above lake Palestine is good for their size and numbers.

Catching largemouth bass might prove spotty due to low water levels. Yet, Hodge says traditional places like Falcon, Choke Canyon and Amistad will have fish as always, but anglers may have to work harder to find them.

08— So, you may have to find some new places [in those reservoirs] to fish; use your electronics, frequent the coffee shops, and talk to the locals and hunt ‘em down.

Find an article by Larry Hodge’s about the best lakes and rivers to fish in 2015 in the digital fishing issue of Texas parks and Wildlife magazine.

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