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TPW TV: Finding Refuge in Nature

Friday, November 20th, 2015
Big Time Texas Hunt at Black Gap WMA

Hunting during the “Golden Hour.”

This is Passport to Texas

Difficulties in social interaction, anxiety, verbal and nonverbal communication are characteristic of individuals on the autism spectrum. Robin Bradberry lives with this condition.

06— You always know deep down, you know you don’t quite fit in, but you really want to, but you never will.

Robin, who is married to Steve, finds spending time hunting together calms her. Meet the couple in a segment on the Texas Parks and Wildlife TV series on PBS as they hunt deer on public land.

19— I like it, I’ve never hunted in any place quite this open before so I’m curious to see what shows up and how they move! Just getting settled in adjusting the blind windows, I think we’ve got it positioned where we can just ease the gun out there. Steve calls is nesting.

Robin does better away from the high energy, high stress world, which makes a quiet hunt on public land good medicine.

23—This is almost like therapy for me. It [autism] doesn’t exist out here. It’s more serene out here. You don’t have all of the movement of people, and distractions. You come out here and you can focus on your surroundings more. And listen. And you can listen. Exactly. There’s nothing. There’s wind. There’s crickets…

View the segment with Robin and Steve Bradberry on the Texas Parks and Wildlife TV Series on PBS the week of November 29.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.