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Cowboy Action Shooting

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019
rifle range sign

Image courtesy of Green Mountain Regulators.

This is Passport to Texas

Gun smoke, six-shooters, boots and black powder. All ingredients of cowboy action shooting.

We shoot with the guns of the Old West. Styles of gun that were made before 1899.

Brian Curtsinger, aka Chili Petin, is president of the Green Mountain Regulators, a sport shooting club affiliated with SASS, the Single Action Shooting Society.

SASS began in 1987. There are now over 97,000 members, 50 states, 17 countries and 700 clubs.

Once a month the Regulators put on their Western duds and compete at a range that mimics an old ghost town. For David Harper, known as Abilene, it’s mostly about the fun.

There are some people here that are world class competitors. The rest of us—I’d say the majority of us—are in it more for the fun than the competition. [Shelly] The people that do the sport are just awesome.

Shelly Curtsinger’s alias is Holly-Peña.

It’s a great way to be able to come out and shoot in a safe environment, learn all the different guns, and be able to dress up and have fun at the same time.

Next time you have a hankering for the Old West, consider cowboy action shooting.

Our show receives support in part from RAM Trucks: Built to Serve.

For Texas Parks and Wildlife… I’m Cecilia Nasti.