Ask A Game Warden

Texas Game Warden and canine partner.

Texas Game Warden and canine partner.

This is Passport to Texas

Texas Game Wardens are part of the communities they serve. They’re accessible and ready to answer your questions. With that in mind, our show is beginning a new feature in June called Ask a Game Warden.

We’d love to hear from some of your listeners on the radio show.

Grahame Jones is chief of special operations for Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Law Enforcement Division.

We have a very robust social media platform, both the department’s social media and then our division’s social media as well; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Or submit your questions on your radio show.

No matter where you are in the state, questions submitted to the radio show will receive answers, and some will be answered on the show, during our Ask a Game Warden feature.

We have game wardens all over the state. Most counties have game wardens assigned to those particular counties. We have some counties in far west Texas and some counties in the panhandle that have one game warden assigned to a couple of counties. But, for the most part, we’re assigned to every country throughout the state.

Submit your question at; send it via our contact page.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation supports our series and helps keep Texas wild with support of proud members across the state. Find out more at

For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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