Conservation: Goals of Taking Care of Texas

Sandcastle on Texas Beach

Sandcastle on Texas Beach

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Taking Care of Texas, is a non-profit started in 2011, by former first lady Laura Bush. The organization promotes conservation of Texas’ natural resources.

10— Our goals are to really communicate the value of safeguarding our natural resources, and to do that in rural and urban settings, and emphasize conservation is consistent with Texas tradition.

Taking Care of Texas partnered with a who’s who of conservation heavyweights, including Texas Parks and Wildlife. Erin Franz, Executive Director, says the enterprise catalyzes its partner’s initiatives while recognizing conservation and economic prosperity need not be at odds.

21— One of our goals is to showcase there are already a lot of great conservation efforts being done by our business community, and so we want to continue what’s being done and expand on that. And, bring business minds to conservation matters and conservation minds to business matters so that we can really continue to elevate that conversation, and get more and more conservation practices put into place.

Learn more about the conservation efforts around our state, and how you can get involved, at Taking Care of Texas dot org.

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For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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