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Beautiful Texas

Beautiful Texas

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Former First Lady, Laura Bush, has been keeping busy since her husband left office.

12— Now that Mrs. Bush is back in Texas, she’s really wanting to spend her time promoting causes that are near and dear to her heart. And, conservation of our natural resources is an area that she’s personally passionate about.

Erin Franz is Executive Director of the non-profit Taking Care of Texas, founded in 2011 by Mrs. Bush and a board of science experts, private landowners, conservationists, and businesspeople.

20— It’s a great time to look at our natural resources. We know water conservation is an issue our state is facing; so, [we’re] raising awareness of the need to conserve our natural resources, and spur conservation efforts along that benefit communities –that builds on the success of others – and work to inspire all Texans to join in.

Taking Care of Texas will use its influence to support the work of conservation groups throughout the state for the benefit of all Texans.

25— Part of our goal at Taking Care of Texas is to utilize Mrs. Bush and her ability to connect people — and to convene various groups — to start to take a look at the issues that our state is facing, and spreading awareness and the message of our natural resources. [She’ll emphasize] Why our rural Texas lands play a huge part in our heritage and our future, and why they are important to people that live in cities.

Learn more at Taking Care of Texas dot org.

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