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02—Volunteers are extremely important.

Volunteers save Texas Parks and Wildlife millions of dollars annually. And it’s never been easier to help the agency.

Kris Shipman, who coordinates Coastal Expos for the agency, uses up to 100 volunteers at a time for her events…and was instrumental in the development of a new online volunteer system for Parks and Wildlife.

11—Volunteers can actually now go onto our parks and Wildlife website and look up volunteer opportunities anywhere in the state for any project they would be interested in doing; they can sign up online.

The system went live in February and it’s already getting a work out. Staff that coordinate agency programs requiring volunteers may access the database and contact registrants about opportunities that fit their interests.

21—One of the great things about this systems is that it’s set up so we can go back in and search. For example, with the coastal expo, if I’m going to be in Corpus Christi doing this event, I’ll need volunteers. I can go in and do a search for all the people that have signed up that are in Corpus Christi, and I can send an email out to them letting them know that I’m going to be there and I have this event if you want to come volunteer.

Volunteering is a great way to learn something new, to get outside, and to make new friends. Access the volunteer database on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website. Or find a link to it on our website:

For Texas Parks and Wildlife…I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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